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Moona Moona Creek Development

The issue

A section of floodplain next to Moona Moona Creek, just west of the bridge has two additional developments proposed for it.

1) two unit blocks right next to the creek

2) one hotel and two unit blocks on the north side of Aquamist

These proposals are issues for a number of reasons:

a) threat to ecology of Moona Moona Creek from building disturbance, runoff and potential ongoing destruction of the mangroves (these points could have links to documents that provide more detail?)

b) subsequent threat to integrity of Jervis Bay ecology

c) irreversible alteration to the use and character of the area which until now has focused on families with small children

d) removal of habitat for endangered animals,

e) further destruction of Aboriginal sites

profile of planned buildings.JPG
Updates and follow up 

January 2023 Update:

Great news – Federal and State Environmental Laws meant that a pair of the endangered Gang Gang Cockatoo were allowed to breed in a tree inside the boundary of the development block 4 Murdoch St.  Two male chicks were successfully fledged, despite the female adult  being lost to a predator (thought to be Peregrine Falcon) part way through rearing the chicks.

A big thank you to the observers who helped provide information that supported the request to cease tree clearing on the site in late August, and to those who continued monitoring the site for 5 months during the breeding.

The importance of community observation, both in alerting council to tree clearing action on the block at the same time the gang gangs arrived to inspect their hollow, providing evidence to council that the birds were indeed intending to breed, and providing evidence that stopping the clearing was a very worthwhile decision – with two healthy chicks fledgling. 

A big thank you to Council for responding to our calls and questions and recognition that the developer  co-operated in giving the birds time to breed.


Submissions to Council closed on March 31st. Thank you for your submissions!

69 substantial submissions (at the last count) were sent to council OPPOSING

to the new design and other modifications proposed by the Nik Bulum Group.

OFS submitted a very comprehensive submission accessible here

It’s a waiting game now as Council complete their assessment and consider

the community submissions.


In the mean time, KJBU will campaign on the other bigger issues of priority of development approvals over protecting Jervis Bay's natural environment.

Issues Such As:

  • Out of date Flood Mapping 

  • No Coastal Vulnerability Mapping available.

  • Impact of Fires and Floods not being considered in Planning Policies.

  • No design parameters in keeping with local culture


Plan of Action

Document fully these issues 

Lobby Mayor and Councillors for an urgent Plan of Action 


What you can do 

Email us any information you have on these 4 problems

Tell your friends about Keep Jervis Bay Unspoilt and get them engaged in the campaign

Buy and wear a T shirt to help promote Keep Jervis Bay Unspoilt

Background Information to 4 Murdoch St

The DA originated in 2010 supported by reports undertaken in 2009 ie 13 years ago. The land was sold with the approved DA late 2019, and was deemed activated, that is, it hadn't lapsed. The DA was challenged by 100 plus of community members because of it's location, it's size and design. Environmental concerns were expressed by almost all of the 100 plus persons who wrote to Council. The Council however did not attempt to in anyway to stop or even review the DA with the new owner, as requested by KJBU.

KBJU contacted the new owner Nik Bulum and got a positive response which led to a meeting between him and community members. Things were looking up, Nik liked the examples we gave of smaller designs that blended with the environment. "We're on the same page" said Nik.  In February 2022 a new design was submitted to Council, an artists impression is provided below. Image requested to be removed.



What do you think?

We suggest that you look at the details, pictures naturally don't tell the full story. Changes concern not just the look but the number of units from 32 to 38. Fewer car spaces but a massive underground car park has been changed to a lower depth, and smaller one.  There are improved energy efficient measures such as roof top solar, rainwater storage and reuse. The design changes will make the units more liveable. We encourage you to express your views on this very important development that will change the landscape of Moona Moona Creek, an icon family recreation area.

Be aware there are numerous references in the application to this design fitting in with the neighbourhood and "Aquamist" next door! The neighbourhood is much  much more than Aquamist: it's the creek, the reserve, the picnic area and most importantly the Marine Park sanctuary zone and the National Park behind.

Council invites community feedback through their DA Tracking Webpage.

The deadline for comments is 31st March. If you have an opinion, you can submit it via the website or by simply email to put DS22/1032 as the subject.

You can of course write to Council's Development Team and give the reference DS22/1032 .

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Update - Oct 2021

On the 20th October 2021 clearing of 4 Murdoch St began.  It was noticed by one of our members, and soon 4 of us were at the site observing the knocking down of the trees. What concerned us was that a pair of Gang Gang cockatoos were showing nesting behaviour in one of the trees marked to be removed.  As per their requirements an ecologist was on site, and he asked them to stop work so that they could come back and assess the hollows more thoroughly. The next morning at 7 am, the ecologist, cherry picker, mulcher and excavator returned.  Soon we had six observers on site, plus a Council Officer. Work was stopped, and it was decided that no more trees should be removed until breeding season is over. The trees that have been felled will need to be cutup and removed from the site, or stacked on the eastern part of the site.  The owner of the site is keen to review whether the remaining trees need to be cut down.

knocked over tree_edited.jpg
site half cleared_edited_edited.png
  • Held discussions with owner of 3 Moona St

  • had a workshop and have ongoing discussions with owner of 4 Murdoch St

  • responded to DA for 3 Moona St

  • held a public information session about the DA for 3 Moona St

  • building public awareness about the importance of Moona Moon a Creek to the waters and aquatic life in Jervis Bay

  • Given 2? deputations to Council regarding the DAs

  • Reviewed water quality reports, flood risk reports


What we've done

  • Held discussions with owner of 3 Moona St

  • Had a workshop and have ongoing discussions with owner of 4 Murdoch st

  • Responded to DA for 3 Moona St

  • Held a public information session about the DA for 3 Moona St

  • Building public awareness about the importance of Moona Moona Creek in sustaining aquatic life in Jervis Bay

  • Given 2 deputations to Council regarding the DAs

  • Reviewed water quality reports, and flood risk reports.

  • Monitored 4 Murdoch St for any development activity, and so we were able to stop potential Gang Gang nesting sites from being removed.

height of proposed buildings.jpg

What you can do...

  • Follow our Facebook @keepjervisbayunspoilt

  • become a supporter (receive email updates) of Our Future Shoalhaven

  • if you have knowledge or skills regarding planning, environmental laws, water quality, building offer to review any new applications

  • volunteer to be part of the site monitoring team

  • donate

Contact us:


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