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Background papers for the August 2nd 2022 Workshop


Paper 1.  Livability


Livability in Jervis Bay communities is related to several factors that vary in importance from resident to resident according to their history and hopes. However, every factor’s viability is dependent to some degree on an unspoilt Jervis Bay. In a recent open-ended survey conducted in 2021 by the authors of the ‘Bay and Basin Community Led Strategy Plan’ the following 9 livability factors were nominated. The significance of each and suggestions for improvements are set out in this summary based on the 700+ survey responses received.
Background Paper - Livability

Paper 2. Sustainable Tourism
Considers tourism that can be sustained into the future without compromising the existing values and assets of Jervis Bay environs and villages. These values and assets include sustaining a healthy, happy community. 
Background Paper - Sustainable Tourism



Keep Jervis Bay Unspoilt:

We are concerned about the huge risk to the future of Jervis Bay and Basin’s pristine waters, white beaches and the native plants and animals that live in this area.

What specifically are we worried about?

The more urban development, the more untreated runoff into the bay, pollutants from roadways, litter, garden chemicals – this is just one way the bay and its surrounds are likely to be impacted.


Marine Parks are currently being reviewed and we don’t know if protection for the bay will be kept the same, weakened or strengthened. We do know that there is a push to have cruise ships come into the bay on a regular basis.

Let’s make sure that changes to the Bay benefit the environment as well as residents and visitors. After all, that is what we come here for. Poor quality water in the bay means less fish, fewer dolphins, greying sands.


What are we doing?

  • Keep an eye on proposed developments in the catchment for the Bay, and monitoring the building where it has been approved

  • Promote awareness of relevant public consultation opportunities such as on the review to the Marine Parks

  • Examine the research and calling for greater monitoring of the water quality and key ecological indicators

For more information and take action

Jervis Bay Marine Park 

The park is under review, the way Batemans' Bay had been

Moona Moona Creek

Two large developments right on the banks of Moona Moona Creek are threatening the health of the whole Bay.  Follow us on social media to keep abreast of what you can do preserve the wellbeing of the Bay and its inhabitants

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