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Bay & Basin Community Science Club

The Club is designed to compile scientific evidence about issues pertaining to the natural sciences within the Bay and Basin area of the Shoalhaven, NSW Australia.


Evan Christen, Bruce McKenzie, Michel Sutton, Judith Blackall, Stan Brown, Brooke Butler, Mark Conlon, Magali Goirand, Chris Grounds, Nigel Helyer, Nathaly Jones, Nathan Knott, Tanya Northey, Chris O'neill, Deb Shapira, Janet Wheeler, Penny Davidson

Mission statement

The immediate purpose of the Community Science Club is to enable members to gain a greater understanding about the interactions between human activities and the natural environment in the Bay and Basin area.

The long-term purpose is to help provide the knowledge required and community support to maintain and improve the natural environment for current and future generations. 



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